I have been a little absent lately and the truth is, I have been held hostage by fear. Yes, even health professionlas can not always walk their talk. You see, my son has epilepsy and for the past twelve months it has not been very well managed by medication. By this I mean we have had to be transported by  ambulance to the emergency departments six times in the past twleve months.

Yes, to say this has been challenging and a test to my adrendals is an unterstatement. The way I got through it was with “acceptence”.  Instead of fighting with the reality of my situation I chose to accept that my normal now was adminstering my son emergeny medication and travelling in an ambulance to hopsital, I accepted what was and did not prolong our suffering by wishing it was different.

WHAT?? I hear you ask.

We are all dealt challenges in this life and they are all relative to our situation. Extrinsic stressers of life can cause internal unrest and disease. If we change the way we look at these external experiences we can change the way we react to difficult situations.

My son was admitted to hospital for testing to see if his neuriological team could stop the siezures.  As you can imagine, they are a tremendous strain on his little nine year old body. He was to be admitted for a week, withdrawn from his medication and attached to an EEG in the hope they could capture his seizure activity. As a mother this horrified me and instead of focusing on how positive it would be to finally get some answers, I succumbed to the fear of the unknown and created a reality in my head that was unsettling.

So now that the experience is behind me and the mental gymnastics or wrestling with fear are in the past, I am back to my normal of finding gratitude in every moment I get to spend on this amazing planet, in this glorious town with him and my daughter.

This is why I’m so passionate about what I do at the Sanctum. I get to serve the people of this amazing community and if I can facilitate one person to create healthy and positve change in their lives, I am living my “dream”.

What we practise we become good at, so practice gratitude and and don’t give that nasty fear your attention.

Big blessings,
Dee 💜

Acceptence Is Key To A Happy Life

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