What Does Community Mean to You?

The way we define “community” as an individual is largely based on our own perception and personal filter with which we view the world we live in. My definitions of a community is a group of people sharing a common interest, belonging to a place in which we reside in geographically and sharing common values, customs, lifestyles or identities.

For so many of us the Lennox Community represents a true feeling of belonging and a deep love and appreciation for the ocean and the amazing landscape we live and play in. Many of us remember a small quiet seaside village where the waves were uncrowded and the parking in town were plentiful.

So how as a community do we embrace a surge in population? A  shortage of affordable housing and a continued increase in cars on our roads? We remember what values we share, the love of the ocean and the understanding that the paradise that is Lennox, is a very appealing destination for people to migrate too.

In order for us to grow as a community we must remember what makes a community to begin with. Community is sharing of having certain attributes and interests in common. Community is knowing your neighbours names and offering support and friendly conversation. Continued community is respecting each other and embracing our differences, whilst still maintaining a strong sense of who we are. Lennox community is respecting the ocean and caring for the land which provided us with so much joy and fulfilment.  

Community is being considerate and ensuring that  we maintain a sense of sharing and not move towards an individualistic idealogy. Community is ensuring that you leave enough room when you are parking to ensure that the cars next to you can exit their car park without having to wait for you to come  back from your shopping or your surf. Community is not paddling up the inside and taking your turn in the line up. Community is ensuring  that all your rubbish goes into the bins provided and not into the ocean or streets we live on. Community is being patient on our roads and not becoming infuriated with the way people drive. Community is slowing down on the main street and withing our suburbs so our children are safe to play and cross the road.

Each of us are responsible for the tone of the Lennox community, collectively we create the social unit that is “US” that is our “COMMUNITY”. As we welcome more residence to our town and the urban sprawl continues, as a collective me need ensure our sense of community is not lost. Make the effort to engage in conversation with each other, be kind and respectful and gentle remind each other what the genuine spirit of Lennox Head community looks like.


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