Mindfulness is way of being that involves learning how to pay attention in our lives so we become more familiar with the types of actions and responses that increase suffering and those that decrease suffering. It is paying attention to the present moment without judgement and criticism and promotes greater acceptance of what is without having to change or alter anything. Simply observing what is and enquiring into our thoughts and emotions.

Our mind is constantly producing thoughts, which in turn create the way we feel about situations, people and life events. Through mindfulness practise we are tuning into to our thoughts and feeling which empowers us to have greater control over our thoughts, feeling and actions.

Just as you exercise or train your body for a marathon, surfing or swimming, mindfulness is training our minds to function more productively and harmoniously to create genuine and effective happiness. The type of training involved in Mindfulness may incorporate breath, movement, stillness, paying attention to thoughts and feeling and ultimately connected with our inner self.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is not difficult nor is it about trying to relax or clear your mind of thoughts. For many of us living in an increasing fast paced society we are striving to accomplish so much and keep on top of things that we run on “auto pilot”. Many of our reactions have become habitual and so many of us are suffering from not truly being connected with each other, the earth and ourselves. Mindfulness provides space so that we can respond with intent rather than just reacting.

I offer private, group and workshops in mindfulness.

I am currently offering a Mindfulness Practice Monday Nights 6.30 -8pm in Lennox Head. Please contact me for more information and to confirm your attendance.