As a naturopathic practitioner, I deal with internal health problems, metabolic disorders and imbalances, through treatment of the whole person. Treatment may involve nutritional advice, dietary changes, herbal medicines, homoeopathy, bodywork or nutritional supplements.

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Remedial Massage

I specialise in Remedial Massage for sports & surfing injuries, pre-natal and post-pregnancy. Remedial Massage  promotes the flow of blood and lymph, particularly to injured areas, thus reducing damaged cells, and scar tissue that may result from injury and pregnancy.

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dryneedlingDry Needling

Dry Needling involves the stimulation and relaxation of trigger points. It may help with muscle pain, neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, pelvic pain associated with pregnancy and general muscle a pain and stiffness.

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We have a Sunlighten Signature infrared sauna with patented Solocarbon™ infrared heating. Using the sauna before each session enhances the outcomes of our other services. The heating technology in the sauna is clinical-grade, so the sauna is a gentle, comfortable experience, and it does more for you. This sauna is also available by appointment for stand-alone use.

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